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Jurassic World Dominion is nowhere near enough fun for how dumb it is (Review)

Bernard Ozarowski June 10, 2022

The Integrity of Joseph Chambers – Clayne Crawford shines in a well-acted morality drama (Tribeca Film Festival 2022 Review)

Bernard Ozarowski June 9, 2022

Kaepernick & America – The Problem We All (Still) Live With (Tribeca Film Festival ’22 Review)

Yashwanth Manjunath June 9, 2022

“Dr. Delirium and the Edgewood Experiments” is a terrifying portrait of American moral failure (Review)

Geoff Rasmussen June 9, 2022

Mad God: A morbid descent into abstract meaninglessness (Review)

Morgan Olson June 7, 2022

planet b234 Takes a Challenging Psychological Look at a Father-Son Relationship (Lighthouse International Film Festival ’22 Review)

Rowan Wood June 3, 2022

Spanish Drama “Menina Casilda” Showcases a Disturbing Lockdown Pastime (Lighthouse International Film Festival ’22 Review)

Rowan Wood June 3, 2022

Eiffel: The chemistry of the leads can’t salvage the film’s plotting (Review)

Bernard Ozarowski June 3, 2022

“On the Edge” – The highs and low of a life in thrill seeking (Lighthouse International Film Festival ’22 Review)

Geoff Rasmussen May 31, 2022

“Keep It A Secret” is a compelling look at the growth of Irish surf culture (Lighthouse International Film Festival ’22 Review)

Bernard Ozarowski May 31, 2022