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The Invention of Dreams

Mission Statement

The Invention of Dreams takes its name from Brian Selznick’s spectacular novel, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and Martin Scorsese’s resplendent adaptation, Hugo. The story plays host to a literary history of the early cinema called, naturally, “The Invention of Dreams” – a title derived from the character-author’s own experience meeting famed cinema innovator Georges Méliès as a youth. In the novel, Méliès describes the magic of a film set to the boy:
“If you’ve ever wondered where your dreams come from when you go to sleep, just look around.
This is where they are made.”
Perhaps the story’s most important message is that cinema – whether you grow up to be a film critic or lawyer, a director or a teacher, a screenwriter or a person who repairs the clocks in a Parisian train station – can have a transformative effect.
The Invention of Dreams will stand out as an outlet that brings together smart, diverse, and interesting writers from unique backgrounds and professional experiences to share their thoughts about film and television. There’s no requirement for a writer to have gone to film school or to obsess over each Oscar season, rather the ambition is to compile distinctive perspectives on storytelling, filmmaking, and how these Dreams become our collective culture. We believe it is critical to inject new voices divorced from the usual cineaste orthodoxy into the discussion of new releases, classics, nerd culture, and cult films.
Bernard Ozarowski, Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Thank you for spending your time with us.