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Bernard Ozarowski

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Ozarowski works at a New York law firm and has been an adjunct professor at Fordham University School of Law. His personal passion for film has blossomed into The Invention of Dreams because he wants his son, Logan, and daughter, Astra, that they can and should make the time to chase what they love. He also co-hosts the podcast Final Review with Andrew Claudio and he is formerly a senior staff writer at Loud and Clear Reviews.

Andrew Claudio

Media Editor

Claudio is the producer of the wildly successful Knicks Film School podcast and YouTube Channel. He was also the creator and host of The Final Score, a sports and film podcast which ran for one hundred celebrated episodes. His newest podcast endeavor, Final Review, launched September 2, 2021 on the Blue Wire Podcast Network.
A film student at Sarah Lawrence College, Wood has been reviewing movies and television since the early days of high school. He is the founder of The Lenient Critic, the host of multiple pop-culture podcasts, and currently a regular contributor to The Cape Cod Chronicle and SiftPop.


Andreadis is an English student at NYU with a passion for writing about anything Film and Television. He has written a number of screenplays, short stories, and articles on a wide range of topics. Additionally, he has a YouTube channel with full length video essays.

Edward is an Army veteran turned movie critic. He studied English at Middlebury College and Professional Writing at Campbell University. He is also a budding member of the North Carolina Film Critics Association. Edward has been a contributing writer to 1MoreFilmBlog since 2022.

Capablanca is a lawyer, chess player, and purveyor of fine dad jokes. She is pretentiously passionate about film and has a special love for existential comedies.

Celletti is a writer and editor based in the birthplace of baseball – Hoboken, New Jersey. When not watching (or writing or talking or thinking about) movies, Chris is busy raising his daughter with his loving wife and just as often raising concerns about the current and future prospects of the Knicks, Rangers, and Jets.

Dell is a New Jersey-based attorney working primarily in labor law. Dell is an avid musician and hobbyist rock historian with an encyclopedic knowledge of horror cinema. He is a passionate defender of a great many bad movies.
Fox is a Brooklyn-based journalist and attorney specializing in the complex world of New York restaurant law. Fox has a background in culinary criticism and is a devotee of Israeli cinema.

JPB Gerald is an EdD from CUNY – Hunter College in Instructional Leadership, and a theorist seeking justice for the racially, linguistically, and neurologically minoritized. He identifies as Black and neurodivergent, though he spent most of his life unaware of the latter. He hosts a podcast called Unstandardized English, and has had his writing published in academic journals, practitioner magazines, and national newspapers. His first book, on the harm caused by the centering of whiteness in language education, will be published by Multilingual Matters in late 2022. He lives with his wife, young son, and dog in New York, on stolen Munsee Lenape and Canarsie territory.

Knight is an acclaimed young adult fiction author whose stories include The Wildefire trilogy, the Bonegarden series, and, most recently, This Eternity of Masks and Shadows. Critics have described his work as “riveting [and] original,” as “fun, well-written, and engaging,” and as “an exceptional standout.”
Macri is the Chief Content Creator of Knicks Film School, a sports multimedia program encompassing a podcast, video content, and a daily newsletter. The podcast is routinely one of the highest rated and most downloaded basketball, and sports, shows on the internet. Macri has been featured on dozens of podcasts, numerous radio and televisions stations, and has written for publications such as Sports Illustrated.
Manjunath is a St. Louis-based public defender who has dedicated his professional life to public and social service. He is a passionate connoisseur of action cinema.
Marcano is a long-time journalist who’s the former national president of the Society of Professional Journalists, a two-time Pulitzer Juror, and a Fulbright Fellow. He has written and edited for some of the country’s biggest media companies.
Olson is the Seattle-based founder of Within The Abyss, a site dedicated to film and video game criticism and analysis. He is a former staff writer at Loud and Clear Reviews. Olson will soon head up The Invention of Dreams’ expansion into gaming.

Lili Ozarowski

Ozarowski is a product liability defense attorney in New York. Before law school, Ozarowski (née Corn) was a Manhattan musical theater actress and voice over artist. 

Semi-retired professional poker player, now a full-time writer. Born in Chapel Hill, NC, raised in Florida. Have likely (& proudly) seen more movies in theaters than anyone not paid to in the world.
Tom Schecter is a musician, a writer, and the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of MuchSmarter.  He also once fell into the East River.
Jessica Stoya writes about sexuality and pornography. Bylines include the New York Times, The Guardian, Playboy, and VICE. Stoya is half of Slate’s How To Do It sex advice column, and remains a Fleshlight Girl.

A special thank you to Ben Tostado for his excellent work on the design of The Invention of Dreams’ logo!