“Father Stu” Hubris Derails a Potentially Meaningful Story (Review)

“I cannot take credit for the movie’s success because this is God choosing me to make the film,” he added. “He knows finally I get to utilize all the talents and gifts that have been bestowed upon me for his greater good and to serve my part in his big picture.” This is a quote […]

A Conversation with Director Gigi Gaston on “9 Bullets”

I had the chance to speak with director Gigi Gaston about her new film The 9 Bullets, an action thriller starring Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), Sam Worthington (Avatar), and Barbara Hershey (Black Swan). Gaston has a long history as an artist writing and directing in film, theater, and television. 9 Bullets is a story […]

A Conversation with Director Allison Otto on “The Thief Collector” (SXSW ’22)

I had the chance to speak with director Allison Otto about her new film The Thief Collector, a truth-is-stranger-than-fiction documentary about an elderly couple who once – perhaps – stole a priceless painting from a museum… and kept it hanging on the wall of their bedroom behind a door. Otto is an Emmy winning documentarian […]