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Scream (2022) (Audio Review)

FINAL REVIEW | BONUS EPISODE “Scream” (Dirs. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, 2022)

In this bonus episode, Claudio and Oz make the journey back to Woodsboro for the newest sequel, er…, reboot, er…, “re-quel” to the Scream franchise. As the filmmaking triumvirate Radio Silence takes over the franchise from the legendary Wes Craven, our duo discusses how a new entry in the legendary meta-horror franchise has adapted to an era where all movies are self-aware. This review celebrates David Arquette’s career best work, the gleeful brutality of the kills, an excellent new generation of fresh faced victims, and Scream 5’s place in the franchise’s rankings.

“It’s an honor.”

Review by Bernard Ozarowski and Andrew Claudio

Presented by Blue Wire