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Final Review Episode #2: The Dark Knight (2008)

Let’s wind the clocks back to 2008. America was in the middle of an election year. Gotham City’s two baseball teams, the Mets AND the Yankees, were playing their final seasons in their respect home ballparks. Marvel had just released a little movie called IRON MAN starring the at-the-time problematic Robert Downey Jr. that no one knew would launch a historic franchise and a wave of superhero film that would dominate the industry going forward. In the midst of all this, Christopher Nolan‘s sequel to BATMAN BEGINS hit theaters over the summer and immediately received acclaim that transcended the “superhero” or “comic book” genre and is widely regarded as one of the best versions to ever exist. THE DARK KNIGHT was a gamechanger critically (94% of Rotten Tomatoes), prestigiously (8 Oscar nominations, including 2 wins) and financially ($1.05-billion grossed worldwide) and showcases one of the greatest on screen performances of all-time from Heath Ledger as The Joker. Over time, it’s legacy has only grown as many credit this film with the Academy Awards move to expand their Best Picture category to 10 nominations and creating a level of quality or standard that all movies based on similar IP need to meet.

join Andrew Claudio & Bernard Ozarowski as they decide whether to shoot Coleman Reese or blow up the other boat in the Final Review that Gotham deserves.