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“Lost Angel” Ruminates on Loss and the Afterlife (Review)

I am a believer. To be clear, I am not someone who goes to church on Sundays, or even holidays. I don’t associate with any religion in particular, or what one may consider a fanatic. But I do believe in something. I believe our presence in this universe is more than a coincidental collision, something […]

The Original Texas Chain Saw Massacre Still Holds Up

One of my favorite pieces of trivia about 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is that director Tobe Hooper hoped for the film to get a PG rating — with the PG-13 not yet in existence, there was no bridge between PG and R. Of course, the sheer sense of terror and brutal violence (and, […]

Deathloop Is the Best Movie I’ve Played in Years

I’m an impatient gamer. I recoil at long cutscenes. I resent being forced to approach an NPC with a speech bubble floating over their head just so they can give me a convoluted backstory to another side quest. I zealously mash buttons to skip through dialogue when the option presents itself on-screen, and grumble when […]

Fragile Heroism: Farhadi’s A Hero Crackles with Moral Complexity (Review)

Rahim Soltani (Amir Jadidi, Zero Day) is in a debtors’ prison in Shiraz, Iran, when his girlfriend finds a purse filled with gold coins. When Rahim is freed for a two-day furlough, he and his girlfriend agree to sell the coins to pay off the debt, secure his freedom, and get married. Upon realizing that […]

Banish A Few Good Men (Essay)

While listening to a recent episode of Final Review, I couldn’t help but ask myself the question “How many young men born in the late 60’s and early 70’s wound up becoming archeologists after seeing Raiders of the Lost Arc?” While I can’t say I know the answer for sure, my guess is “not very […]