“The Outfit” Feels Like a BBC Version of Reservoir Dogs (Review)

The Outfit stars the great Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies, Don’t Look Up) as a cutter – absolutely not a tailor as his character Leonard informs us in precise, crisp voiceover – who crafts high end elegant men’s suits for his clientele. As the owner of a bespoke men’s shop in 1956’s Chicago it should […]

A Conversation with the Cast and Creators of “Halo” (SXSW ‘22)

I had the chance to join a panel discussion with many of the cast and crew of Halo, which premieres on Paramount+ on March 24th. Participants included star Pablo Screiber (Orange Is the New Black), actor Jen Taylor (the Halo game series), actor Yerin Ha (Sissy), showrunner Steven Kane (The Last Ship), and executive producer […]

“Chee$e” is a Drug Trip in Movie Form (SXSW ‘22 Review)

Starting your movie with a tired cliché is never a good sign, especially when that cliché is the main character saying something along the lines of “You may be wondering how I got here.” It’s intended to intrigue you and pull you in, but the trope has become so overused that it has lost most […]

“Cheaper by the Dozen” Has a Good Message, But a Flawed Execution (Review)

It’s particularly surreal to see a film like Cheaper by the Dozen come to Disney+ in the wake of the recent Bob Chapek/Don’t Say Gay controversy. Florida has passed a law essentially prohibiting the discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity with students in schools in the third grade or below. In the wake of […]