“Gold” Efron Shines in a Dystopian Moral Thriller (Review)

When I was in Middle School, one of my teachers introduced my class to a Chinese Finger Trap. For those who don’t know; a Chinese Finger Trap is a circular device woven from bamboo that a person puts on the end of each of their index fingers. When you pull the device, it excruciatingly tightens […]

“Turning Red” Marks a Fascinating Tonal Shift for Pixar (Review)

Turning Red is the new Pixar film from director Domee Shi (Bao). The movie tells the story of a Chinese-Canadian girl named Mei Lee (voiced winningly by Rosalie Chiang) who turns into a gigantic eight foot tall red panda whenever she becomes stressed or excited. As is Pixar’s norm, the animation is fantastic and the […]