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“Family Squares” Is COVID-Era Filmmaking Done Right (Review)

I should start with a confession: I really do not like “COVID movies.” I spent the first 6 months of COVID in a small Manhattan apartment with a newly two year old son and a pregnant wife. These are not times in which I’m anxious to re-immerse myself. I appreciate the inventiveness of the DIY […]

“Hellbender” Is Excellent Microbudget Witchcraft (Review)

Hellbender is the new film from budget horror auteurs John Adams, Toby Poser, and Zelda Adams. The trio – a family – produces, writes, directs, lenses, edits, scores, and stars in low-fi horror productions filmed largely in the Catskills. Second daughter Lulu also joins here as an actor. These microbudget features showcase a remarkable amount […]